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Dakota Air Parts Intl. Inc. Contact: Please Log In
We buy, support, and sell helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. We specialize in T53, T56, T55, T700, T58, A250 engine parts, as well as Bell UH-1, 204, 205, 206, OH-58 and Sikorsky UH-60 airframe parts. 
Kennon Covers Contact: Please Log In
Manufactures protective covers, sun shields, and heat screens for general aviation, business aviation and military aviation air planes and helicopters. Shop securely online. 
AllInflatables.com Contact: Please Log In
Allinflatables.com The Inflatable Marine Products Network Research products and suppliers, learn how to use, maintain, and buy inflatable boats & products all in 1 location. 
Certified Sales.com Contact: Please Log In
Certified Sales Inc. - Yachts, Vehicles, Airplanes, Equipment, etc. 
Aircraft Spare Parts Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Contact: Please Log In
Aviation Advisory Agency specializes on supplying everything related to DC-8 McDonald Douglas type aircraft, including overhaul and build up of engines to Q.E.C. A large stock of gears, flight controls and rotable components is held. All parts are JAA1 & FAA 8130-3 certified. Spares are held in Luxembourg, England & United States. Assistance is given to companies in purchasing and procuring economical tailored spares, including Outstation-kits, as well as evaluating the best and most suitable maintenance inspection schedules. A.O.G. service is offered 7 days a week.Should you have any requirements, in which Aviation Advisory Agency might help, please do not hesitate to contact us under info@aaa-neylon.com 
Pacific Component Exchange Contact: Please Log In
Electronic and Air Parts - Your search for a Solutions provider that is geared to the Small & Medium Sized company is over.PCX provides cutting edge technology & support services Nationwide which allows you to compete against the Davids' & Goliaths'. PCX is committed to providing you with the Solutions customized to your needs, designed to make you grow.  
Essco Aircraft Contact: Please Log In
For nearly 50 years Essco Inc. has been collecting and distributing Aircraft Publications, Manuals and Supplies. Our goal is to provide quality products at wholesale prices and fast delivery. 
Global Joint Transactions Contact: Please Log In
Global Joint Transactions, American owned, based in the Czech Republic, promoting goods and services.  
HelicopterSeats.com Contact: Please Log In
HelicopterSeats.com is here to bring you the latest technology for your helicopter's seats. Helicopter seats are notorious for their uncomfortable design. Now with our new frameless seats you can enjoy a great flight and have a comfortable seat for the ride. FAA Approved 
CORtracker Contact: Please Log In
In a world where the traditional supply chain management software just doesn't meet the unique needs of the electronic component distribution industry, CORtracker steps up to the plate by providing EXACTLY what you need to manage your accounting integration, sales orders, stock quotes, pick tickets, purchase orders, inventory, rma and other features. 
HGV Training Contact: Please Log In
Looking for an HGV Job? Clearstone's team of specialist HGV Job Placement Consultants and Placement Co-ordinators are on hand to source you the best HGV jobs. 
Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Nova Scotia Contact: Please Log In
Nova Scotia has a distinguished Aerospace and Defence heritage dating back to the 17th century when British and French naval bases were established in what is now Nova Scotia. More recently, it was the origin of the first flight in the British Empire in 1909 with the design, build and flight of the historic "Silver Dart" aircraft. Thus began the industries that continue to deliver quality leading edge products and services in a global marketplace. World class aerospace and defence firms are the foundation of the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Nova Scotia. These highly motivated firms, backed by a skilled workforce are largely complementary and taken together, constitute a significant and growing factor in this sector of Canada's economy. To promote recognition of this strength, Industry members, with support from the Federal Government and the Province of Nova Scotia, have joined to actively promote development, growth and enhance recognition of the capabilities and resources of the Nova Scotia Aerospace and Defence sector through the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Nova Scotia (ADIANS).  
Seri Aero Jaya Contact: Please Log In
Our years of expertise have given us a good reputation as a premier supplier of aviation poducts. We provide spare parts for many aircrafts mainly CN-235, C-130. F-18, Hawk & others.SAJ is a total aircraft support company which combines experience, quality and competitive prices, making us the ideal source to meet your requirements. We carry a vast inventory of excess aircraft spare parts. We are dedicated to providing customers with more than just replacement parts for their aircraft.  
Airman.com Contact: Please Log In
Pilots -- get yourname@airman.com as your lifetime e-mail address! A lifetime e-mail address such as yourname@airman.com has three main advantages over your regular e-mail address: (1) The beginning of the address contains your first name and last name. It's easier for your friends and associates to remember; (2) The end of the address is "airman" that depicts your hobby or career. It sets you apart (dare we say above?) from 99% of the rest of the population; and (3) The entire address can be retained by you even when you switch to another Internet Service Provider (ISP). You never have to change your e-mail address again! 
SETCO Contact: Please Log In
SETCO is the largest independent manufacturer and rebuilder of precision spindles and slides in North America. We are an industry leader in precision spindles and slides and the home of SETCO, Pope, Master, and Whitnon brand spindles, slides and machine modules used in automotive, aerospace, construction, die/mold, cabling and winding, plastic, woodworking, and general metalworking industries.  
BPPA Contact: Please Log In
The British Precision Pilots Association exists to promote high standards of airmanship, especially in VFR navigation and landing skills. Precision and Rally flying doesn't just hone your flying skills - it's fun and a great place to meet new pilots and their aeroplanes. 
Thermocouple USA Contact: Please Log In
Thermocouple USA manufactures thermocouples for the Rolls Royce, Allison T56/501 Series II and III Gas Turbines. For many years the T56/501 Gas Turbine overhaul industry has relied on a single manufacturing source for thermocouples. Thermocouple USA, Inc. has changed the market with the FAA/PMA approval of thermocouple model 6897962TUSA. Thermocouple USA, Inc. is committed to the customer’s objective by supplying quality products that meet or exceed the OEM’s specification. 
UGA internet guides Contact: Please Log In
UGA media is the European publisher of internet guides, business portals, travel guides and reference cd-roms. 
Jet Carson And Associates Contact: Please Log In
We are a professional importing/exporting company of general merchants. We facilitate an avenue for the authentic overseas buyers to partner with American based suppliers. Our main objective is two fold: to provide a quality based service that applies to the needs of our clients while stimulating the American economy.  
Ex-Change Parts AB Contact: Please Log In
We specialize in helicopter support and offer a broad range of products including parts, tools and helicopter for sale and exchange. We support most helicopter types manufactured by Eurocopter - Bell - MDD - Schweizer Ex-Change Parts AB Ex-Change Parts AB was founded in 2000 by Reidar Andersen and Göran Edgren, both with more than 30 years of experience in the helicopter business. Our headquarters and warehouse is based in Borlänge in the middle of Sweden. We are also represented with sales offices in Oslo, Norway and Luzern, Switzerland. We stock more that 16 000 line item ready for delivery to you within hours from our warehouse. We offer delivery of parts with road and air connections, world wide, 24 hours after order. Our normal working hours are 07:00 to 18:00 Swedish time, but you can always reach us via fax and e-mail. Please feel free to contact us with questions or inquiries. With our broad experiences and well established networks in the global helicopter industry, the chances are high that we can help you.