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Glossary of Common Abbreviations

Federal Supply Codes

Federal Supply Code (FSC) Description
1005 Guns, thru 30 mm
4920 Aircraft Maintenance and Rep Shop Specialized Equipment

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Condition Codes
Indicate the condition of parts which are returned by a search or requested in RFQs.

Condition Code     Description
NE   New Equipment
FN   Factory New
NS   New Surplus
AR   As Removed
SV   Servicable
OH   Overhaul Condition
OH CAP   Overhaul Capability
RP   Repairable
RP CAP   Repair Capability
REQUEST   The Seller would like specific conditions quoted by Buyers
Any Cond   Quote Any Condition
US   Used Surplus

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Management Data Codes

Code     Description
S/A   Service/Agency
SOS   Source of Supply
AAC   Acquisition Advice Code
UI   Unit of Issue
QUP   Quality per Unit Pack
SLC   Shelf Life Code
CIIC   Controlled Inventory Item Code
ESDC   Electrostatic Discharge Code
HMIC   Hazardous Material Indicator Code