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A&P Mechanics (Guam and Myrtle Beach, SC)

A&P Mechanics (Guam and Myrtle Beach, SC)

Postby Guest on Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:29 am


Adjusting, aligning and calibrating of engine systems.
Repair the systems for any faults.
Inspect the engines.
Determine the tools and all the equipment required to perform a certain job.
Find problem areas and solve them.
Install all electrical and plumbing equipment.
Perform all servicing and maintenance duties.
Performing inspections.
Controlling operations.
Watching of gauges and dials to ensure that everything is running, as it should.
Recognize any problems that may arise.
Carry out engineers orders.
Modify the aircraft structure.
Read and interpret manuals.

Responsibilities and Requirements:
Skills and Specifications
Must have good written and oral communication skills.
Be agile.
Be able to work under pressure.
Have good hearing and eyesight.
Possess technical and functional skills.
Able to pay attention to detail.
Requirements / Qualifications
Possession of a high school diploma or its equivalent
Possession of a FAA issued A& P license.
A degree in avionics, aviation technology or maintenance
Two years experience with heavy jet aircraft, preferably with B-737
Must have completed Gen Fam course on B-737 series aircraft.
Valid US passport.

Sky King Airlines, Inc
3600 Power Inn Road, Suite H 95826
Sacramento, CA, US

Sky King has an outstanding management team led by entrepreneurs and professionals with long and successful careers in the aviation, business, sports management and entertainment industries.

Sky King, Inc.was foundedl in July of 1990, concurrent with the purchase of a BAC 1-11 aircraft. In May 1991, Sky King obtained a Part 125 operating certificate. Over the next six years, SkyKing contracted with entertainment groups, major corporate executives, and sports entities.

in late 1998 Sky King acquired its first 737-200 aircraft, which was put into service in February 1999, transporting NBA basketball teams and NHL hockey teams. A second 737-200 was acquired in November 1999, bringing the total aircraft fleet to three. The BAC 1-11 aircraft was sold in September 2000, with the objective of replacing it with a third 737 aircraft.

Continued demand for services led Sky King to acquire three additional 737-200 aircraft in 2001. By the fall of 2001, Sky King was transporting 10 sports teams on long-term contracts, with demand from other entities continuing to be high. In October of 2002, Sky King obtained a Part 121 operating certificate. Since that time, Sky King has continued to develop and expand its business foundation. Particularly noteworthy is the addition in 2004 of scheduled service out of several east coast airports, with routes to Mexico, the Caribbean, Guam, and other east coast cities. Currently with a fleet of 737-200 aircraft, Sky King is looking forward to meeting the diverse requirements of the airline industry.
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