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  • In some cases, you may not want to associate your part number with an NSN in the MCRD Cross Reference step, since this focuses the search to a single, specific part. Those cases include the following:
    • Finding a group of related parts from the same manufacturer that have similar part numbers.
    • Returning results from inventories where the seller has deliberately omitted sections of the part number to make it more generalized.
      • Some sellers use this practice because other systems don't perform an MCRD Cross Reference, which actually limits your results.
  • To maximizes parts availability results:
    • use a Matching: Like search and
    • in the MCRD Cross Reference step, select the "Select all parts that start with this number" option instead of an NSN.
  • To maximize Enhanced Report results:
  • You can reach any previous stage in the Search process by clicking on its title in the Search flow.