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• 2011-01-05
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• 2010-07-01
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• 2010-02-01
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New Features

New Features

You asked for it; you've got it! The following list includes new and updated features, requested by you, the PartsLogistics users.

If you have ideas for new features or requests to enhance existing ones, please contact us!

  • Lot Sales - Liquidate inventory with this new listing Tool
    • List your inventory lot for 30, 60, 90 days. Get your inventory quickly seen by thousands of daily visitors
  • Batch Search - Parts Availability
    • Search Parts Availability in bulk - up to 1,000 items
    • Search using comma-separated text, TAB-delimited text or FLE files
  • Inventory Update System - Faster Processing of Inventory Updates
    • Update more frequently than once a week
    • Find line items that fail to make it into the PartsLogistics inventory system
    • Add Items, Replace Inventory Lists or Update your entire inventory
    • Opt-in notifications for successful inventory updates
  • Our New Powerful All-in-One Report!
    • Search our entire collection of databases by running a single search!
    • Increase your returned results while actually decreasing the time it takes to run all the searches you are interested in running.
  • The Sellers Digest can be found in the My Profile section
    • The Sellers Digest is also e-mailed to all our vendors on the 1st and 16th of every month
  • The New Seller's Digest!
    • Sellers can now see who has viewed their company information and who has been sending them RFQs
  • A simplified Enhanced Report Search flow!
    • See your report in three clicks or less!
    • Premium Members can bypass the Checkout process, saving you valuable time.
  • Faster access to My Enhanced Reports through a navigation link in the header!
    • When you view Seller contact information or perform a report search, your results are stored for 7 days.
    • Save time by viewing My Enhanced Reports instead of re-running a search!
  • The new Classic Parts Locator, a simplified RFQ search!
    • Premium members can see Seller contact information in just two clicks, then send RFQ's to specific Sellers!
  • Enhanced the AutoRFQ process for Sellers.
    • Clarified Instructions.
    • Added a "Condition Quoted" column; Sellers can respond with what conditions are currently available!
  • Parts Availability Filters and Reports are now sorted by the new Last Update column.
    • This data indicates the last time the Seller updated each specific part in their inventory.