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New Features

New and enhanced features added to PartsLogistics

FARGO, N.D. - 2008-10-01 -- PartsLogistics, one of the global leaders in online part sourcing, is announcing new features added to their website. These new and enhanced features are part of their ongoing determination to provide the aviation community the best in part sourcing.

As requested by PartsLogistics members, they added the ability to do Batch Searches. Users can now do a parts locating search with more than 20 search items. Results are received in an easy to use text file. Batch searches will save members time and money.

New to the PartsLogistics system is their online forum. The PartsLogistics Forum is a powerful communication tool allowing members access to an online forum to discuss industry related topics. In addition to posting parts for sale and parts wanted, members will have the ability to exchange ideas and ask questions

Also new to PartsLogistics is an enhanced Inventory Management System. Members can now use the automated process to update their inventory daily. This easy to use system ensures that their inventory is up to date. Updated inventory is more likely to receive RFQs equaling more sales. If users prefer, they may continue to send their inventory as they have been and it will be processed over the weekend.

For more information, call 877-909-9111 or visit http://www.partslogistics.com.

About PartsLogistics
PartsLogistics is an internet based parts sourcing company that provides access to buy, sell and research parts and equipment. The easy to use system is the marketplace for parts sourcing for multiple industries, offering a wide variety of services catered to buyers and sellers available through multiple membership plans and pricing options.

PartsLogistics, along with its subsidiaries, is wholly owned by Avsupport Inc. Avsupport was founded in August 1994 and was one of the pioneers in the online part sourcing industry. PartsLogistics is dedicated in providing the best and latest technology to allow users a level of service that is unsurpassed in the online part sourcing industry.