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Success speaks for itself, and we think loyal customers are the best measure of success.

Here's what some of our dedicated users have written about the PartsLogistics system.

""... The high quality and superior level of services provided by PartsLogistics enables us to quickly and accurately perform research for business searches. Howell Instruments is proud to be associated with a company that has helped us extend our reach in the global market place.""

Eric H. Green
Howell Instruments, Inc.
Forth Worth, Texas


""AvSupport has been an asset to our business. We have compared it to ILS and found more information and utilities. Also, the pricing was competitive. It has been a great investment.""

Purchasing Department
Raytheon Systems Company
Havelock, North Carolina


"You know I was apprehensive about the principle of your organisation and whether we could be quoted wholesale prices. I must say I am very impressed. We have received over 30 e-mails from right across the world and a few suppliers can supply us with good prices. Thank you!"

Elkan Butler
TNT Aviation
Johannesburg, South Africa


"We are please to report that since taking out an extended service with you our hit rate has increased by more than 500 per cent and the amount of actual business generated in the first month, the profit of which has not only covered your administration fees for the next 12 months but for the next 6 years. At this rate we will have to employ more staff to cope with the influx of enquires."

Tony Parker
Air & Marine Products
Reading, United Kingdom


"... 'Keep up the good work in providing great customer service and employing wonderful talent with great people skills, great attitude and personality, this will keep PartsLogistics ahead of all the rest.'"

Sandra Gonzalez
Chas and Company, Inc.
Huntington Beach, California


"We have been using your system for a few months now and have found it to be helpful."

DRMS Purchasing
Tri-State Turbines
Diamond, Missouri


"Just a note to thank you for your assistance in getting us set up on AvSupport. Since we have been using the system, I have found many parts in stock that (other) sellers said would take months to find. It is also cost efficient as compared to other parts locators."

Purchasing Department
Air Tractor, Inc
Olney, Texas


"I spent 1 1/2 hours attempting to stump your database with part numbers from avionics systems and components from my Field Engineer days, working for Collins/Rockwell. Bottom line here is, no matter how obscure I got, even single boards from 20 year old nav systems, your database had suppliers. I give up! PartsLogistics rates a full 10!"

Ken Sims, President
Aurora Technologies, LLC
Buena Park, California


If you've had a positive experience with PartsLogistics that you'd like to tell us about, let us know through the Contact Us section of our site.

If you have some ideas or friendly suggestions on how we can serve you better, let us know; we're always receptive to ideas from our members!