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AVSupport Inc.

AvSupport Inc.
DBA PartsLogistics.com
1801 23rd Ave. North
Suite 119
Fargo, ND 58102

Phone: +1-701-271-9111
Fax: +1-701-271-9199
Toll Free: 1-877-909-9111
AutoRFQ Generator

RFQs are the most important step in your parts procurement process; after, of course, you find a seller who has the part you're looking for. With the power of the PartsLogistics system, those two tasks are now seamlessly integrated.

Our AutoRFQ Generator takes the request-for-quote gruntwork out of your hands, letting you focus your time and effort on other tasks.

After selecting sellers that stock your desired part in their inventory and proceeding through Checkout, the PartsLogistics AutoRFQ Generator goes to work. The Generator creates a standardized RFQ -- which includes your custom requests -- and emails or faxes the quote to each applicable seller.

If the RFQ was sent via email, the seller can simply fill in the required info and immediately send it back to you, via email; welcome to our paperless RFQ process.

View a sample RFQ from the AutoRFQ Generator.