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AvSupport Inc.
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Upgrade your account and gain access to the complete PL database

With millions of commercial and military parts, logistical information and reference data, PL is truly the complete online data resource center and offers valuable information in addition to locating parts availabilities.

Research options such as Cross Reference, price history, and AvRef help you determine the value of a part to buy or sell.

PartsLogistics' comprehensive databases are filled with the inventory, auction listings, and research information you need to succeed.

PL Research Services at a glance

Our comprehensive databases are filled with the inventory, auction listings, and research information you need to succeed.

  • Parts Availability Supplier - The Parts Availability Supplier Report contains vendor and point of contact information as well as details of quantity and condition of available inventory.
  • OEM Available Excess Report - The OEM Excess Report contains inventories that sellers may have access to from an OEM.
  • OH CAP Report - The OH CAP Report contains contact information and item details for vendors with Overhaul/Repair Capabilities.
  • MCRD - The MCRD (Master Cross Reference Database) contains the National Stock Numbers (NSNs), reference numbers, and Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Codes cross-referenced to each other, supplemented with related data." It is useful to associate a manufacturer's part number to a specific NSN or to cross-reference a superseded/cancelled number to a valid one. (Defense Logistics Information Service)
  • FAA PMA - A Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) is used to approve the design and manufacture of replacement parts. The typical applicant is a parts manufacturer who wants to sell parts directly to the public." This report associates the part with its PMA replacement part and provides manufacturer contact information, along with other details. (FAA Aviation Information)
  • Procurement History - A Procurement History Report provides historical information on specific items purchased by the United States Government.
  • Technical Characteristics - The Technical Characteristics report contains detailed information such as measurements and material type on each available National Stock Number (NSN) in the Federal Catalog System.
  • Management Data - The Management Data report contains supply management data on NSNs from the FLIS database.
  • Interchange and Substitution - Interchangeability and Substitutability (I&S) provides a reference source for determining the interchangeability and/or substitutability of items of supply." (Defense Logistics Information Service)
  • AvRef - The Avref® Aircraft Parts Cross Reference database contains valuable historical list price information from manufacturers. (AvRef is a registered trademark of Resource Data Services)
  • DRMS - The DRMS (Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service) database provides historical pricing, helping suppliers or buyers to effectively evaluate current deals. This report can be used to monitor ongoing auctions and watch for items in upcoming auctions. Information about surplus parts from closed sales is also available.
  • Solicitations - The solicitations report contains basic information about open solicitations issued by the United States Government.