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AVSupport Inc.

AvSupport Inc.
DBA PartsLogistics.com
1801 23rd Ave. North
Suite 119
Fargo, ND 58102

Phone: +1-701-271-9111
Fax: +1-701-271-9199
Toll Free: 1-877-909-9111
Custom Reports

Inventory Analyzer

Need to determine the value of an inventory?

Whether you are looking to buy or sell inventory, PartsLogistics can help you determine the market value.

Easily find the historical market value and demand for your inventory and minimize the countless hours of research for individual parts. With our service, you get the information you want without being overwhelmed by countless pages of unwanted data.

Choose from among the following

  • DRMS auction count (shows how many times this part has been in an auction)
  • Count of searches for your part (demand)
  • AVREF OEM Name, list price, description
  • RFQs sent through PartsLogistics
  • Count of vendors that have the part listed
  • NSNs & Alternate Part Numbers using the Master Cross Reference List

The pricing of an Inventory Analyzer is a custom quote based on total inventory lines and type of report. To receive a quote or for more information in regards to an Inventory Analyzer contact an Account Representative at 1-877-909-9111 or Contact Us Online.

DISCLAIMER: The Analyzer Report is intended to assist you in the determination of your inventory value. Because of the fluctuations associated with the industry, PartsLogistics cannot set an absolute value/price for your inventory, but can provide you invaluable tools to aid you in the process.